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Conscious Sedation

Conscious sedation is a technique used in dental practice to induce a depression of consciousness during which patients are able to respond purposefully to verbal commands or light tactile stimulation.

Only dentists, including dental specialists, whose registration is endorsed for conscious sedation can use this technique in their practice.

Registration standard for conscious sedation endorsement

The Registration standard: Endorsement for conscious sedation (the Registration Standard) describes the:

  1. requirements to apply for endorsement 

  2. practice requirements for conscious sedation endorsed dentists including:

    1. routes of administration and the specific requirements for intravenous route

    2. compliance with all legislative and other Board approved requirements, and

  3. ongoing education and training requirements to maintain conscious sedation endorsement.

Ongoing education and training requirements for endorsed conscious sedation dental practitioners

The Registration Standard requires endorsed dentists to complete an approved competency based course in dental sedation and medical emergencies before applying to renew their registration.

The following courses have been approved by the Board:

  • the Society for Education in Dental Anaesthesiology and Traumatic Events (SEDATE) Incorporated  (formerly known as the Centre for Resuscitation Education and Simulation Training Incorporated (CREST) )
  • the Medical Emergencies and the Sedated Dental Patient course offered by the Australian Society of Dental Anaesthesiology
  • the Dental Sedation refresher course offered jointly by the Australian Dental Association NSW Branch Centre for Professional Development and Cynergex Group, and
  • the Dental sedation refresher course offered by Dr A.G. Preketes & Dr M.P. Walker.

Entry-level competencies for endorsed conscious sedation dental practitioners

The Board has developed entry-level competencies expected of applicants for endorsement of registration in the conscious sedation area of practice.

Other information

Dentists with an endorsement need to be familiar with the Guidelines on Sedation and/or Analgesia for Diagnostic and Interventional Medical, Dental or Surgical Procedures (PS09 2014), Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA).

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Page reviewed 29/11/2023