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Qualification equivalence pathway

This specialist registration pathway is available for applicants who hold a qualification not approved by the Board in one of the following specialties:

  • dento-maxillofacial radiology 
  • endodontics 
  • forensic odontology
  • oral medicine 
  • oral and maxillofacial pathology
  • oral surgery 
  • orthodontics 
  • paediatric dentistry 
  • periodontics 
  • public health dentistry (community dentistry)
  • prosthodontics, and 
  • special needs dentistry.

Under this pathway, an applicant’s qualification is assessed against specific criteria to determine whether their qualification is substantially equivalent to a program of study approved by the Board.

What are the criteria used for the assessment of my qualification?

The criteria are:

  1. The qualification specifically prepares the applicant for practice in a single specialty.
  2. The qualification is three - four equivalent full-time years following completion of a minimum of a four year qualification in general dentistry.
  3. The education institution where the applicant studied was externally accredited during the period when they undertook their studies. That is, during the time they studied the education institution must have been:
    • subject to regular review by an external quality assurance agency, and 
    • registered or accredited by that agency.
  4. The program of study was externally accredited and provided successful graduates with a qualification in the dental specialty for which the applicant is applying for registration in. That is, during the time they undertook the program of study:
    • the program of study must have been subject to regular review within a system of external accreditation implemented by the relevant dental regulatory authority or agency 
    • the program of study must have been accredited or recognised by that authority or agency, and 
    • the system of external accreditation included the application of accreditation standards specific to dental specialist education that are comparable to the current dental accreditation standards and system in Australia.
  5. The qualification is comparable to a Board approved specialist program at AQF Level 9 Masters Degree (Extended).
  6. The curriculum of the program of study included the following components:
    • didactic component 
    • clinical and/or professional practice component, and 
    • research component.

What documents do I need to provide?

You need to complete and submit the application form ASEQ-20 together with the documents listed in this form. Supporting documentation should be de-identified prior to submitting your application.

What are the possible outcomes of the assessment of my qualification?

Your qualification may be assessed by the Board as:

  • substantially equivalent to a qualification approved by the Board 
  • not substantially equivalent to a qualification approved by the Board and the deficits can be met with supervised practice and/or further training/education, or 
  • not substantially equivalent to a qualification approved by the Board and the deficits cannot be met with supervised practice and/or further training/education.

What else is required to apply for specialist registration?

Along with your qualification being assessed, your eligibility for specialist registration will be assessed. You must meet the requirements set out in the Board’s Specialist registration standard. These requirements include that you have:

Once your application and supporting documents are assessed, the Board can decide to:

  1. grant you specialist registration 
  2. grant you specialist registration subject to condition(s), or 
  3. refuse to grant you specialist registration.

Before deciding to grant specialist registration subject to condition(s) or to refuse specialist registration, you will receive a notice stating the reasons for the Board’s proposal and inviting you to make a submission to the Board about what is proposed.

Page reviewed 12/03/2021