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About audit

AHPRA and the National Boards have developed a nationally consistent approach to auditing health practitioners’ compliance with mandatory registration standards. Audits are an important part of the way National Boards and AHPRA can better protect the public. They help to ensure that practitioners are meeting the mandatory registration standards and provide important assurance to the community and the Boards.

How will I know if I am being audited?

Audits of random samples of practitioners from all professions will occur periodically throughout the year.

If you are selected for audit, you will receive an audit notice in the mail from AHPRA. It includes a checklist that outlines what supporting documentation is required to demonstrate that you meet the standard(s) being audited.

What may be audited?

Each time you apply to renew your registration, you make a declaration that you have (or have not) met the registration standards for your profession. The audit requires that you provide further information to support your declarations.

Your audit notice letter will identify which standard/standards are being audited. One or more of the following four mandatory registration standards may be audited.

What standard may be audited What it means for you

Criminal history registration standard (249 KB, PDF), effective 1 July 2015

AHPRA uses an independent service provider to check your domestic criminal history, which will happen automatically at no cost to you.
You do not have to do anything further unless you are asked to provide more information.
Continuing professional development registration standard (193 KB, PDF), effective 1 December 2015 You must provide evidence of the CPD activities you have undertaken to meet the requirements of the Board’s standard.
Recency of practice registration standard (200 KB, PDF), effective 1 December 2015 You must provide evidence of recency of practice activities you have undertaken which meet the requirements of the Board’s standard. 
Professional indemnity insurance registration standard (264 KB, PDF), effective 1 July 2016 You must provide evidence of PII arrangements which meet the requirements of the Board’s PII registration standard.

Declarations, your registration and the National Law

Under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law, as in force in each state and territory, AHPRA can request (on behalf of a board) you to provide evidence, within 28 days, that you meet the standards, as declared in your previous annual statement.

Your annual statement is made when you apply to renew your registration. It is supported by a declaration confirming that it is ‘true and correct’.

The annual statement also includes (among other things) statements about whether:

  • you have met the recency of practice requirements stated in the Board’s registration standard
  • you met the Board’s continuing professional development (CPD) requirements as set out in the Board’s CPD registration standard during the previous registration period
  • you practised in accordance with the requirements of the Board’s Professional indemnity insurance (PII) arrangements registration standard, and whether you commit to practise in accordance with that registration standard if your registration is renewed, and
  • there was any change in your criminal history during the previous registration period and whether you have any other criminal history that has not been disclosed to AHPRA.

Templates and resources to help prepare for Audit

Document name Accessible format Document date 
Template - Employer template for ROP evidence
Word version (30.6 KB,DOCX) 24 December 2021
Template - Employer template for PII evidence  Word version (35.8 KB,DOCX) 12 January 2021
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