Dental Board of Australia - Dental Prosthetists

Dental Prosthetists

There are two pathways for application for registration by overseas qualified dental prosthetists.

Dental prosthetists who are registered to practise in New Zealand under trans-Tasman mutual recognition

Dental prosthetists are known as clinical dental technicians in New Zealand. Dental prosthetists registered to practise in New Zealand are eligible to apply for general registration with the Dental Board of Australia under trans-Tasman mutual recognition (this applies irrespective of where training was carried out). An application form is available on the Forms page.

Dental prosthetists with a non-approved qualification

If a dental prosthetist holds overseas qualifications and is not registered in New Zealand then they can:

  • complete an approved qualification, or
  • undertake the assessment process overseen by the Australian Dental Council (ADC).

Information about this pathway to registration in Australia for overseas qualified practitioners can be found on the Australian Dental Council’s website.

Page reviewed 13/09/2017