Dental Board of Australia - Infection prevention and control resources in effect
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Infection prevention and control resources in effect

01 Jul 2022

The Dental Board of Australia’s (the Board) new infection control and prevention resources come into effect today.

The new resources, which were published in advance earlier this month, replace the Guidelines on infection control (the guidelines). The resources include a self-reflective tool, a fact sheet and a set of frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Board Chair, Dr Murray Thomas, highlighted that the new resources will allow practitioners to remain up to date with contemporary practices and support them to practise professionally.

‘We know dental practitioners practise safely and will continue to prioritise the safety of their patients. The new resources will allow us more flexibility in providing new information as it becomes available, keeping the profession up to date’, he said.

Dr Thomas also noted that the new resources are in line with the Dental Board’s incremental approach towards risk-based regulation. The resources have been developed to help practitioners continue to practise safely by providing a range of helpful information.

‘The Board is particularly excited about the self-reflective tool and how this may help practitioners to critically reflect on how they practise, and identify any possible areas for improvement’, he noted.

Dr Thomas went on to say that: ‘This new approach the Board is taking will not require any changes to current practise. If you’re practising safely, which the large majority of practitioners are, then keep doing what you’re doing.’

‘We sincerely thank everyone who has been involved in developing these resources, particularly the input we’ve had from dental practitioners. I strongly encourage all practitioners to visit our website and familiarise themselves with the resources’, Dr Thomas said.

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