Dental Board of Australia - What do students need to know about dental practitioner regulation?
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What do students need to know about dental practitioner regulation?

10 Mar 2022

The Dental Board of Australia (the Board) has updated a useful vodcast for dental students. It encourages all students, education providers and new graduates to take a look.

Starting your dental studies? What you need to know explains the obligations of a registered dental student. It includes information about:

  • what the Board does as a regulator
  • what you need to know and do as a registered dental student, both now and before you finish your studies, and
  • information about the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme.

Dr Murray Thomas, Board Chair, said: ‘We’re really pleased to welcome you to your future profession. Having student registration is an exciting step towards becoming a dental practitioner. You already have student registration as a student enrolled in a program of study that qualifies you for registration in the dental profession’.

‘It’s never too early to find out about your regulatory responsibilities and how you can help keep the public safe. We strongly encourage all students to visit our website to watch our updated vodcast to learn more about these responsibilities.’

The vodcast includes information about the English language skills registration standard and when you might need to let the Board know about impairment or criminal conviction. It also provides information about the Dental Practitioner Support service, a national health and well-being support service available 24/7 to dental practitioners and students.

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