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Endorsement to practise conscious sedation during COVID-19

16 Sep 2021

The Dental Board of Australia (the Board) understands that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to present challenges to health practitioners, including meeting continuing professional development (CPD) requirements.

Practitioners who hold an endorsement to practise conscious sedation have a professional obligation to meet CPD requirements under the Endorsement for conscious sedation registration standard (the standard).

To maintain this endorsement, practitioners must provide documented evidence to the Board that they have successfully completed a Board-approved competency-based course in dental sedation and medical emergencies in each 12-month registration period. This is important to maintain competence and supports safe and effective care.

The Board understands that it may be difficult for some practitioners to attend an approved course because of public health restrictions due to COVID-19. If a dental practitioner can’t meet the requirements because of a public health restriction, the Board will not take any action for the registration period during which restrictions are in force.

However, practitioners must make reasonable efforts to comply with the standard. If training is available and attendance is possible (i.e. COVID-19 restrictions have not limited attendance), practitioners must ensure they comply with the requirements.

Practitioners unable to attend an approved course should consider whether they are able to meet the standard and should ask themselves: ‘do I remain skilled and competent to practice conscious sedation?’.

An individual dental practitioner’s scope of practice depends on their education, qualifications, training, experience and competence. Practitioners have obligations under the Scope of practice registration standard and should not practice outside of their scope or competency.

Information and tools to help practitioners reflect on their scope of practice are available on the Board’s Know your scope resources webpage.

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Page reviewed 16/09/2021