Dentist reprimanded after finding of unsatisfactory professional performance

22 Oct 2020

A dentist has been reprimanded after a tribunal found that he performed a procedure for which he did not have sufficient expertise or experience.

Among the Western Australia State Administrative Tribunal’s (the tribunal) findings were that, on 31 August 2017, Dr Justin Soon:

  • performed gingival laser depigmentation incorrectly
  • failed to initially treat a small patch of gingival tissue, and
  • performed the procedure when he did not have sufficient expertise or experience of using a diode laser in gingival laser depigmentation.

The tribunal was satisfied that disciplinary action should be taken and was also critical of Dr Soon’s clinical record-keeping which did not meet dental practitioner obligations around health records in the Dental Board of Australia’s Code of conduct or the guidance in its Guidelines on dental records1.

 The tribunal ordered that Dr Soon:

  • be reprimanded
  • have conditions on his registration that he must complete an education program, and
  • provide a detailed reflective practice report to the Board.

Dr Soon was also ordered to pay $3,500 towards the Board’s costs.

The tribunal’s full decision and reasons will be published on the Austlii website.

1The Board retired the Guidelines on dental records on 1 October 2020. New dental records resources, including a fact sheet, are now available.

Page reviewed 22/10/2020