Dental Board of Australia - Phasing out the approval of Programs to extend scope
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Phasing out the approval of Programs to extend scope

03 Oct 2018

The Board has published updated frequently asked questions (FAQ) to answer common queries that you might have about this transition phase.

Before the National Scheme, dental hygienists, dental therapists and dental prosthetists could extend their scope of practice in some jurisdictions by completing an ‘add-on’ program. The add-on programs, now known as Programs to extend scope, transitioned to the National Scheme as programs reviewed and approved by the Board.

Last year, the Board announced through its communiqué and newsletter that it had agreed to phase out approval of Programs to extend scope – this means these programs will no longer be accredited by the Australian Dental Council (ADC) or approved by the Board. The approval of the current programs will expire on 31 December 2018 and the list will be removed from the Board’s website.

These types of programs can continue to be delivered as continuing professional development (CPD). CPD is how all dental practitioners continue to learn and develop their professional practice. If you decide to complete CPD that broadens your knowledge, expertise and competence (e.g. a CPD course to learn a new technique), you need to:

  • self-assess whether you have been provided with sufficient clinical experience
  • assess the quality of training to incorporate this new technique into your clinical practice, and
  • make sure you are practising within your division of registration and definition of dentistry.
    Page reviewed 3/10/2018