New Fact sheet: The use of teeth whitening products by dental practitioners

16 Oct 2017

The Dental Board of Australia has published a fact sheet on the use of teeth whitening products by dental practitioners.

The Board has developed this fact sheet to explain the role of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in regulating teething whitening products and what the Board expects of dental practitioners when using teeth whitening products in their practice.

The Interim policy on teeth whitening (2010) will be retired. The Board consider that a specific policy is not required because the existing regulatory framework, which includes the Board’s standards, codes and guidelines, applies to all dental practitioners regardless of the care being delivered or the setting.

When the Board receives a notification (complaint) about the use of teeth whitening products by a dental practitioner, it considers whether the facts and circumstances of that use are consistent with good practice and accord with all applicable legislation. In managing and assessing a notification, the Board may draw on advice from a range of experts, including health practitioners other than dental practitioners.

Page reviewed 16/10/2017