Dental Board of Australia - Tribunal highlights the importance of dentists adhering to professional responsibilities
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Tribunal highlights the importance of dentists adhering to professional responsibilities

22 Sep 2016

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) reprimanded Dr Ayu Abdullah and found she had engaged in professional misconduct and unprofessional conduct, after her treatment of a patient was found to be ‘of an ongoing poor standard.’

Key facts

Dr Abdullah has been registered as a dentist since January 2007 with her primary place of practice in Victoria.

In Dr Abdullah’s treatment of a patient from February 2009 to March 2010 it was alleged that:

  • Dr Abdullah failed to undertake an adequate assessment of a patient prior to the placement of a four-unit bridge, including: failing to conduct an analysis of periodontal health, failure to assess the vitality of relevant teeth, failure to conduct an occlusal analysis and a failure to take relevant radiographs.
  • In her clinical records Dr Abdullah failed to document: informed consent, all clinical procedures and instructions given to her patient.
  • Prior to and/or during the treatment Dr Abdullah failed to provide her patient with an explanation of treatment options available, the risks associated with the treatments or the likely outcomes and the advantages or disadvantages associated with the treatment of her patient.
  • Prior to and/or during the treatment, Dr Abdullah failed to obtain a signed consent form from her patient.
  • Dr Abdullah breached a condition on her registration by re-cementing a bridge when she had an existing condition on her registration requiring her to refrain from practising in crown, bridge and implant work until she had completed further education.

The allegations listed above were contained in an Agreed Statement of Facts and were presented to the tribunal together with joint submissions in relation to proposed findings and determinations.

The complete tribunal findings are available on the AustLII website.

Page reviewed 22/09/2016